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Telephone: +353.018334037

If you are not out painting En Plein Air, one of the best ways to enjoy the day is to stroll through an art gallery. Norman Teeling's oil paintings may be acquired from the fine galleries listed below. A wide array of the Artist's work, including a selection of available works can be viewed here.

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Norman Teeling Paints The Irish Landscape In Oils

The Artist's New Book

Norman Teeling Paints The Irish Landscape In Oils
Dust jacket - cover
Title: Norman Teeling Paints The Irish Landscape In Oils
Author: Norman Teeling
Description: Norman Teeling, one of Ireland's foremost En Plein Air artists, presents his exciting approach to painting landscapes in oils. Nine easy-to-follow, step-by-step, instructional demonstrations. Contains more than 200 full colour artworks. This inspirational book offers a wealth of information to help you develop your skills and enable you to exploit the traditional medium of oil paint in a fresh and exciting way. Preface by Sunny Apinchapong-Yang.
ISBN-10: 1-905989-01-6 or 1 905989 01 6
ISBN-13: 978-1-905989-01-0 or 978 1 905989 01 0
Bookland EAN: 9781905989010
Publisher: A Norman Teeling Publication
Design & Layout: Mark Nulty and Norman Teeling
Printing: Nicholson & Bass Ltd
Published Date: Copyright © 2006
Book Format: Hard Cover
Number of pages: 160
Dimensions: 29.4 cm x 22.0 cm

Step–By–Step Demonstrations

Each of nine separate demonstrations helps the reader visualise the steps they will take to create their own En Plein Air artworks.

Demonstration No. 5
'Doneen Haven'
Letterfrack Harbour

  1. Figure 1

    Step 1
    Map in the scene very roughly. Indicating the large areas i.e. sky hills and foreground. Think in an abstract way, looking for the bigger or simple relationships of value and colour. I used a rag to wipe out the water area.

  2. Figure 2
    Step 2

    Simply indicate the distant hills and loosely place in the boats and harbour. Foreground: Venetian Red, Boats Cadmium Red, Hills Viridian, sky mixture of Cerulean Blue and Raw Umber.

  3. Figure 3
    Step 3

    'mass in' the larger shapes using thick paint. Try to work all over the canvas by filling in the big 'slabs' of colour avoiding too much detail at this stage. I used Cadmium Violet for main hill and Cerulean Blue for water.

  4. Figure 4
    Step 4

    Model and work colours towards the edges of the shapes (i.e. harbour to boats.) Refine and continue to define by sharpening edges around boats and softening background (sky, hills, etc. use more saturated colour, contrast or detail in main area.

  5. Doneen Haven
    Doneen Haven

    Letterfrack Harbour, Galway, oil on board, 6" x 8"


Norman Teeling Paints The Irish Landscape In Oils:
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